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Buy Smart, Grow Faster
and With Peace of Mind

We help international buyers accelerate their growth, boost their productivity and stay one step ahead of their competitors with more options , better prices, flexible solutions , innovative services and superior personal experience at every stage of their buying journey!


Years Experience




Customer Satisfaction


Our Customers trust us to help them find innovative ways to respond and win in a competitive environment.
We build long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual success.



  • Safety you need, peace of mind you deserve

    International sourcing can be a very hazardous activity. The risk of non-shipment, poor quality products or problems in finding the right product among the challenges that we all have to face when looking for a new supplier abroad.

    Trust our expertise, earned through thousand of sales , our long-established relationships with top suppliers and the special process we follow so that you can be sure that

    • You will always receive what you have ordered
    • You can count on us to find the best solution, whatever the issue.
    With Megaepsilon you can eliminate the risk, avoid the hassle and always feel safe and secure when it comes to making your business choices.

  • Focus on what's important, improve your effectiveness and boost your productivity

    Stop wasting valuable time, energy and moneyin searching out raw materials for paper or special paper offers from around the world

    With over 20 years of experience, profound technical know-how and specialization, we can help you find the right products and solutions to cover your requirements, while at the same time reducing drastically the time spent in all stages of the market.

    Therefore, it will be much easier for you to:
    • Spend your time where it's most vital, to boost your productivity
    • Focus on activities that will help you to expand your business

    Do what you know how to do best and leave all the rest about searching for regular production products or paper stocklots worldwide to us.


  • More Options – More Business

    In an ever-changing environment, clients need to have choices so they can gain a competitive advantage.

    Having created cooperation strategies with leading suppliers worldwide, we are in a position to offer you:

    • A very wide range of paper at very competitive prices
    • Access to products which may not be available on the market or are very much more expensive
    Thus, you can always be one step ahead of your competitors

  • Join a Thriving Network and Boost Your Profitability

    Partnering with Megaepsilon means becoming part of a thriving network of over 400+ paper buyers and suppliers that is capable of generating opportunities and win-win partnerships. By joining us, you’ll benefit from increased bargaining power, better pricing options, and reduced raw material costs, all of which will drive your business’s productivity and growth!

  • Customized Offers for Quick & Smart Deals

    At Megaepsilon, we use intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to provide personalized offers tailored to your needs. Our smart recommendation based on advanced algorithms and our user-friendly format presents all the necessary information and data so that you can quickly seize best opportunities for you, make good deals and accelerate your business growth.

  • Buy Smart, Profit More with Flexibility

    Maximize your benefits and profitability by purchasing only what you need, when you need it, at the best prices. Megaepsilon offers flexible solutions that allow you to buy in small quantities without any extra fees, helping you to increase your revenue and grow your business.

The right fit for your business

Whether you buy stocklots or prime production products ,
we’ve got smart solutions for all of your needs today—and tomorrow

Scientifically customized offers based on your needs will help you to pinpoint and seize opportunities before anyone else!

Every day, we collect, analyze, and filter the best paper-stock lot offers from the largest paper suppliers worldwide. With the help of our machine learning algorithms we can make sophisticated recommendations to you , so you can track down and make the most of the opportunities to match your needs in few seconds while at the same time we can help you find the right partners when it comes to logistics!

We offer you:

  • Safety and peace of mind in your business choices and decisions
  • High profitability and productivity, enabling you to choose from a wide range of paper products at very competitive prices
  • Intelligent customization
  • Superior personal experience at every stage of your buying journey

With Megaepsilon you can always feel like a winner , that you’re one step ahead of the competition with more options and better prices


Increase your productivity with high-quality paper

We can offer you a broad range of regular-production paper, including printing fine papers, carton boards and packaging paper, which are manufactured to order in accordance with your precise specifications and will be delivered at your port of arrival.

With a widespread presence in 40 different markets, we have the know-how to provide a number of alternatives and to serve as consultants to our clients, by taking advantage of the different experiences gained from using the products from one country to the next.

Our strength stems from our ability to meet the demands of our clients with reliable speed and effectiveness. Profound know-how together with strong and long-lasting ties with many suppliers insures that we provide optimum support for all our clients.

With us, you can always find whatever you need when you need it


Our Solutions

Powerful customized Megaepsilon solutions for every business need!..


The right partner to cover all your needs.

For printers where their requirements vary in size, time and quality and where they need fast, reliable solutions.

We are here to cover all their needs, whether they print on materials on a roll or on offset sheets or on stationery sheets.

We providing them with:

  • A large variety of high-quality paper for stationery, cartons at very competitive rates.
  • High profitability & flexibility
  • Immediate delivery
  • Support & Training

With Megaepsilon you can always rest assured that you have a partner who appreciates your requirements and challenges, and has the knowledge and ability to support you.


Buy smart, improve performance and develop your business at a faster pace than ever...

For Converters which seek practical, fast and economically effective solutions which assure that their products are manufactured for the greatest profit margins without compromising the quality of their service.

We providing them with:

  • A large range of packaging & corrugated base paper from leading European suppliers at very competitive rates!
  • Tailored solutions and innovative services
  • Immediate delivery
  • Flexibility in quantities and methods of payment

With Megaepsilon you can always feel certain that you’ll receive what you want, when you want it at the best price, even if the quantities you’re interested may be small.


Boost your growth with high-quality offers to stay ahead of the competition!

For traders who feel overwhelmed by the competition in their markets and who need innovative ways to compete and win.

We help them to develop their businesses, maximise their revenue and beat local competition by providing them with:

  • High-quality offers for thousands of tons of paper in the following categories: printing fine papers, office, publication, packaging or specialty papers. And all at the best prices available.
  • More alternatives as well as access to products which are either unavailable or are much more expensive.
  • Speed and effectiveness at all stages of the purchase
  • Updates & Ideas regarding the paper industry

With Megaepsilon you’ll feel like a winner as you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition with a greater number of choices, more attractive prices and a range of innovative services.


Megaepsilon provides customized services for Buyers & Sellers of paper industry.

Our 19 years experience , combined with our global network and our advanced
technology allow us to provide the support you need - whenever you need it

  • Innovative worldwide Sourcing

    Following an innovative approach to fulfilling client requirements of all paper grades / types!


    Delivery of specific technical information of each product and its respective market

  • Support on processing issues

    Monitoring and support of the logistic and customs process.

  • Follow Up & Spot Offers

    Continuous update, research, and opportunities’ spotting from around the world, based on your needs

  • Industry News & Events

    A collection of trade events, industry news, and articles to help you accelerate growth!

  • Market Intelligence

    A detailed market knowledge, insight and a better understanding of Paper Industry

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  • Icon 1 years of insightful, global experience
  • Icon 2 Instant quoting using AI-powered solutions
  • Icon 3 Wide-ranging Stock & Prime portfolio
  • Icon 4 Customized & growth-oriented services
  • Icon 5 Unique Network of Top European Suppliers
  • Icon 6 Trustworthy partnership - 360ᵒ Support